If you’re a MOM with adult children and young grandchildren and you want more control of your time, priorities, and the ever changing dynamics
of your growing family…

I can help

If you’re a MOM with adult children and young grandchildren and you want more control of your time, priorities, and the ever changing dynamics of your growing family…

I can help


You did it!

You poured your heart and soul into your family and you thought you would reach the next stage of family life with the freedom to do more of what you want.

But... contines to add even more to your already full life. You might face caring for older parents, in-laws, children, grandchildren, extended family and juggling more than before.

All of this still leaves you

feeling overwhelmed...

  • You still have TONS TO DO and not enough time

  • You want to have STRESS FREE holidays

  • You are FACED WITH MORE than ever

  • You feel GUILTY taking TIME for yourself

  • You know you need to SIMPLIFY...

...But How?

As your children leave your home and are starting THEIR next chapter, you have an opportunity to start YOURS

Here's the truth...

My life is like yours, with more to do than ever before
I can tell you that your family will continue to require a significant
allocation of your time, focus, and energy.

But what if...

It was possible to honor your family commitments and also explore what’s next for you?

You could actually manage more than you ever imagined?

You could show up to your life with enthusiasm and shelve the overwhelm?

You could balance “family” time with space for your personal growth and self care?

I know you can do this...

...because I’ve been where you are... and now I can comfortably manage it all with confidence and ease.

If you are ready to better manage your time, priorities, and responsibilities with more ease and confidence...

I can help.

Here’s how you can get started…

Book a time on your calendar to connect with me.

Work with me to intentionally design your BEST next chapter. Set goals, make plans, and take action.

Live a fulfilled life doing what you love.

Work with me to design a life you love

When we work together one-on-one:

We’ll start your journey of discovery to find out what you want or what you need beyond the labels of mother, wife, grandmother.

Together, we will find and set meaningful and exciting goals for the future and break down the steps so you can follow through.

I will help you gain clarity in your thinking to have more confidence in your decisions in a way you have never considered before.

With my help, this work will be easy. You’ll find out what you truly desire and we’ll map out a way to get you there.

The joy and satisfaction you discover will show up in every other area of your life.

Client's Successes

“Laura is a trained listener and can frame any conversation to illuminate a perspective that gets to the root of my daily struggles. She helped me see myself and my behaviors through a different lens. I am more balanced, feel more empowered, and my decisions seem so much easier”



“Laura helped me identify the patterns and frequencies of my “overwhelm”. Together we focused on my time management and my objectives. I can now prioritize my activities and make conscious and intentional choices about how I spend my time on a daily basis"



“Laura has helped me recognize and tap into my power. She has taught me that my thinking is always the source of any problem. She has also taught me that the real solution lies in uncovering my thinking. I am a work in progress but I think Laura’s coaching has led me to some rewarding discoveries about myself with real change and real results.



"Laura has experience creating meaningful and memorable experiences. Not only is she a great listener; she helped me manage my “overwhelm” and led me to dream and envision an occasion that was uniquely mine."



You can still be the CEO of your family
AND become the CEO of your next chapter.

Schedule a time to talk and share what is happening for you

Live life intentionally- Operate mindfully

Make THIS the best chapter of your life!